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Senior Associate

Whyly is a lawyer at the Cameroon Bar Association since 2015.

    Whyly holds a masters 2 degree from the University of Yaounde

II-Soa and a professional masters 2 degree in African cyberspace

law from the Gaston Berger University in Senegal. He also holds a

certificate in intellectual property from the World Intellectual

Property Organisation. He joined Z&P in January 2019 after four years at the Claude Assira

and Mireille Bella Etoundi law firm in Yaounde Cameroon where he

acquired an in-depth knowledge of legal practice in various areas of

the law. He provides litigational and legal advisory services and has

assisted clients in specialized institutions in Cameroon such as the

National Competition Committee, the Budget and Financial

Disciplinary Council, the Special Criminal Court and the Chamber of

Conciliation and Arbitration. Since joining Z&P, Whyly has proved to be an invaluable member of

the team. He advises clients in project financing, commercial and

corporate transactions, banking and finance, employment and

white collar crime. His experience includes the following:

- Advising BMCE Bank in the financing of the development of solar grids within 15 rural councils in Cameroon,

- Advising Douala Retail and Convention Centre in the construction of the Douala Grand Mall,

- Furthermore, he has advised both national and international clients in the areas of e-money and cryptocurrency, telecoms and intellectual property law, data privacy law and debt recovery.

        Whyly’s experience in litigation at Z&P is vast. He has defended

clients in civil, commercial, labour and criminal litigation before all

courts, including clients such as Maesrk, Kribi Conteneur Terminal,

Ecobank, Yara Cameroun, Douala International Terminal, etc.

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